Healing Words

When dealing with a bad experience, instead of resorting to suppressing emotions, there are several healthy ways that people can use to cope. While it is important to acknowledge those who will always be there to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, there are occasions where people feel the desire to be able to solve their problems independently.  This ability can boost self-confidence as it gives a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Especially if you are overwhelmed with thoughts and are having a difficult time verbalizing them, writing can be a useful method to be able to sort out feelings and put them into words in a judgement-free environment. Whether you are known to be great at grammar and spelling or grammar never was your strong suit– it is all about what makes you most comfortable expressing your feelings since no one else will see this, unless you want them to read it.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, it can easily connect you to new people or build current relationships. For example, if a friend is looking to help you it can be given to them to read. Also, you could start a blog which would allow you to receive advice from others as and offer support to others who are experiencing something similar and assure them they aren’t alone.

However, if you feel that you prefer not to share, writing can nonetheless make you feel as a weight has been lifted and there has been some resolve. A commonly suggested method that works for some is writing about the source of frustration or sadness on paper and seeing the paper as a representation of the event that caused the feeling. After writing about the event, some may choose to burn the paper as a representation of control and not allowing the situation to have control over them any longer.

If you wish to share your experiences and feelings with others through blogging there are multiple free hosting sites – Weebly, WordPress, and Sharesite – to name a few.  Similarly, if you’d choose to keep your writings private, paper and notebooks could be both cheap and easy to find. You could write on the word-processing program on your computer or even start organizing your thoughts by using the “Notes” app on your phone. This method is not only cost-effective but simple to use in your life starting today.