New Beginnings Wellesley Hills believes in the power of small group support! From our experience, we know that in a small group, about 6 to 12 people, there is a more comfortable environment for sharing experiences and concerns, and for developing the confidence you’ll need to grow through your pain of loss. Our groups are led by experienced trained facilitators who understand where you are because they have been there too. These folks will help you better understand your own situation and help coordinate the support from the group members – people just like you. Below are the list of our groups as well as a short description of each:

  • Good Grief – is for new or not so new widows and widowers. Included in the program is a compassionate ear which enables newcomers to be able to relate to others with a similar background and or experience.
  • Relationships in Transition – is a support and discussion group for people dealing with separation, divorce, uncoupling, single parenting issues…more. Group members include people who are coping with the loss of a recent significant relationship to those who have an historical perspective but retain unresolved relationship issues.
  • Moving Forward – is dedicated to helping people make a life after they get over the worst of their loss. We try to focus on how to turn negative experiences into a positive attitude going forward.
  • Life Lessons – is a discussion group with focus on topics that help people apply what they’ve learned in the loss healing process. The group is for people who feel they have gotten past their initial pains and want to reflect on the growth they’ve achieved. The discussions are both structured and open, but always have guiding themes relating not only to personal growth and but also to strengthening relationships with the world around us.