3 Things to Put More Time Toward This New Year

There are many things in life that take up a lot of attention and energy. When a person dies or there is a falling out,  it is common to reflect on one’s personal life. With a new year closely upon us, consider taking more time for the following:

gaining new relationships

Whether you have lost a loved one this year or have dealt with divorce, moving forward is hard.  Sadly, there is no average amount of time that it takes someone to recover from loss. With either experience, it is easy to become close-minded as a result. For example, you may find yourself detached and not wanting to meet new people. This could be a result of  a deeper fear of losing them as well.

However, while losing people is sadly a part of life, it shouldn’t scare you from making new connections. There are many benefits from taking the time to meet new people as they may help you through your problems. It is always easier to deal with things when you know that there is someone to help you. Also, you never know where they might lead you in life which makes time with them exciting. Although they can never replace your loved one, they can help you feel less alone after the loss. By putting yourself out there to meet new people, you are taking a step to possibly prevent depression.

spending more time together

Often people think about what they could have done differently once they no longer have a choice. For example, when a relationship ends or someone dies the other person thinks about regrets.  They may think about how they should have been more loving or such. The biggest regret is commonly that there wasn’t enough time to spend together.

How much time do you spend with your loved ones? You probably wish you talked or saw them more than you do right now, but things get busy. Since there are things that need to be taken care of in life, it is important to manage your time. Try and set aside a specific day of the week to spend time with loved ones.  Everybody deserves a break and if you need to schedule time to be with them, do what works for you. There are things that can wait at times so you can bond with family, such as chores. If you are busy, try taking short breaks to talk with family or friends for better balance.  This approach may also make disliked tasks seem more tolerable as well.

Doing what you love

When you lose someone you care about, it is often depressing and can make you feel lost. Therefore, take time to think about taking care of yourself. To different people, this could mean different things. For example, some take the time doing activities that help them to calm down. If you find yourself being overwhelmed, find something that will distract you. By trying to distract yourself, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Rather, you are looking to find escape from what is currently happening.

Some people experience a loss of interest in hobbies during this time. In this case, do what you can to take care of yourself.  It is crucial to be in touch with your feelings and try to express them as clearly as you can. You can express how you feel in many ways even if you want to keep your emotions to yourself. If you need to talk to another person, there are many resources available.

You can make the upcoming year better than last if you truly want to see improvement. Try to focus on what is most important to you in both your personal and work life. Being able to understand where your priorities lie is vital. After you prioritize, think about how you can be active in both aspects of your life. In the end, spending time doing so will allow you to be able to feel fulfilled overall.




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