Creating New Memories

One of the most enjoyable parts of a relationship is having someone who you can share new and favorite places and activities with on a consistent basis.

Whether you have been single for a while or are recently experiencing the loss of a relationship, odds are you don’t venture out as much as you once did. Venturing out alone to places can feel like a daunting task as it may bring up feelings of loneliness. It can be more challenging to visit places you frequented with a significant other after no longer being together. Because it most likely will bring both strong feelings tied to memories with the person. Finding the time when needing to prioritize responsibilities is difficult as these tasks seem more important to having fun. Taking time to go out and de-stress is important because not doing so could eventually lead to frustration or depression.

Although losing a significant other is a difficult experience. Getting out and continuing to make more memories at old and new places instead of staying in could help you in time to move on from the loss instead of only reflecting on the past. Going with a friend or family member to a place you visited or even doing an activity that you enjoyed will allow you to strengthen bonds with another person and create new positive memories attached with that place or activity.  Even if you decide to head out independently doesn’t mean that you will be by yourself the whole time. Going places is also how to meet new people and build a further support system that could allow you to move on from the negative experience.

The first step to incorporate this into your life is to think about things you enjoy to do. Start with something you are comfortable with doing such as going to the movies. It will get you to look forward to the activity instead of wondering what could possibly go wrong or how awkward it will be if you end up venturing out alone. Perhaps the most important part of incorporating this into your life is to plan. Plan your week out ahead to see when you can fit in some time out of the house. If you want to invite friends or a family members, in order to raise the likelihood that they will be able to make it you need to give them plenty of notice so that they can plan for the outing as well.

By getting out and building relationships with other people, it will give you a renewed sense of purpose and enjoyment that you may not have experienced since your loss. Creating new memories and going to different places whether independently or with others will give you a redefined look on how much there is ahead of you in life.