Dealing with Cheating

Trust is a crucial part of any relationship. If you don’t believe you can trust someone, you will doubt both their words and motives, which will increase anxiety. Especially for dating or married couples, it is important to know that one’s partner is being faithful. Overall, there are many cases in which people find themselves to be victims of cheating.

The effects of being cheated on can include feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. During this dark time, there are several things that you should take time to remind yourself.

You Are Not The Problem

It isn’t the best confidence boost to find a partner was cheating on you. Especially if you were honest and upfront, it can be frustrating. This experience can leave those affected wondering what they did wrong. Although everyone makes mistakes, there is no excuse that makes cheating okay. This is not a situation that is your fault. Rather, it is a problem of them not being upfront about their needs, for example. Some people have a fear of confrontation but that doesn’t make going behind someone’s back okay.

Did you encourage them to share their thoughts and doubts? If you tried to create a non-judgemental environment, you did all you could in the situation. A relationship takes two people working together to be successful, so you can only do so much alone. If they truly wanted things to work, they would have said something about questioning their feelings. Although they may have thought they wouldn’t get caught, they knew how you would’ve felt if you caught them cheating.

You Deserve Better

No matter how long the relationship lasted, it can be sad to know it is over. As a couple, if you exchanged the phrase “I love you”, it can be even more painful. This experience could make you feel they were lying while you expressed true feelings. It is normal to reflect on the good times you shared. As a result, you may desire to forgive them and get back together.

However, this is not the best answer in most cases. It can be difficult moving forward to trust they will not cheat again. Often people decide to ask questions about the partner’s activity to ensure they are not cheating again. They may ask where their partner is going, who they’ll be with and when they’ll be back. If their partner comes home late, they may accuse them of lying and cheating again. Overall, the act of doubting your partner’s actions constantly will result in many arguments.

Ultimately, you deserve a healthy relationship. This means having a partner who appreciates your time and commitment. Also, it means that you can trust that they will be faithful and be open about sharing their thoughts.

Being Single and Independent

Some people may feel less important when they are not in a relationship. However, it is better to be alone than wondering if your partner is cheating. There are many groups that need help or activities you could join that could fill your new-found time. By taking part in activities, it may ease the feeling that something is missing because you are single. This is also a great way to be sure you won’t isolate yourself. This is because spending a lot of time alone will only increase negative feelings. You can do great things on your own and don’t need a partner by your side.

Although it is nice to have a partner, take time to enjoy the independence. Spend time thinking about your goals and what you enjoy. This not only will allow you to have a better sense of yourself.  It will also allow you to eventually find a great partner to share your life with as well.