Focus on You

When dealing with the loss of a loved one or a traumatic event, it is common to experience feelings of stress and depression. If the loss is in the family, often members may focus their time on helping others struggling with their emotions. While helping others is important, we must also take time to help ourselves through stress and depression.  Below are a few tips to remember when trying to get through difficult times.

1) Take Time

When experiencing depression, we may have unrealistic expectations and become frustrated with ourselves. We may start to focus on what tasks we are behind on and how lousy we feel. Although you don’t want to neglect important tasks, it is crucial to focus on your personal needs at this time. Just as you would not pressure a friend to move on quickly, you have to give yourself time to heal from such a loss. To feel better, focus on making small steps forward. Encourage yourself to get outside if you’ve been keeping yourself indoors, even just for ten minutes. If you’ve been isolating yourself, make a quick phone call to a close friend. It may just be these simple steps that will break your routine enough to get you feeling a little bit more positive or productive.

2) Practice Self-Care

Often when we feel overwhelmed with emotions or tasks, we may not put as much focus onto physical health. Depression can lead to lack of appetite and this may cause us to think we don’t need food. While it is not unheard of to skip a meal, not eating for a whole day can have negative physical effects. For example, you may experience lethargy and feel weak. Furthermore, you may also find yourself with a lack of motivation which can mean straying from your exercise plan.  However, taking the time to even take a short walk could get your mind off of the current negative situation. Practicing self-care is important, as declining physical health will only increase feelings of lethargy and depression.

3) Treat Yourself

There are many different hobbies that can be used to de-stress or release their emotions. Take this time to think about what would make you feel better and treat yourself a little. If you believe writing would help you emotionally, buy a journal. If you rely on music through your difficult times, spend some money on buying some new music. Spending a little money toward something that might help you regain a bit of happiness is definitely worth it.

In order to feel better either mentally and physically, you need to make conscious steps to feel better.  The methods above are just some of the ways that you can use to hopefully lessen feelings of depression.