How to Help a Friend Through the Grieving Process

It can be difficult to console a friend when they are going through grief. When it is our grief, we generally know how to help ourselves and we know what we need to do in order to cope. When it is our friends who are grieving, however, it can be difficult to lend a helping hand when we are not sure what will make them feel better while they are coping with their loss. If you are dealing with a grieving friend, look at the tips below to help them through the grieving process.

1. Open Your Heart, Not Your Mouth

When you are dealing with a grieving friend, is an excellent idea to stand by them and to give them someone to talk to when they need to discuss their loss and their feelings. However, it is not an excellent idea to open your mouth and to give them unnecessary advice that was not asked for or, if it was, may end up causing further harm. Remember, silence is golden.

2. Know That You Can’t Control Their Emotions

You cannot and you will not be able to control your friend’s emotions. Don’t get frustrated or depressed when your friend’s grief seems to take them to the darkest places. All you can do is provide your support and allow them to express their feelings. They will make their way out of these feelings as they learn how to cope with their grief.

3. Encourage Your Friend to Celebrate Life

When we lose someone, we tend to focus on what it is that we have lost rather than the memories that we have made. Help your friend come to this realization. Let them know that they are allowed to be happy and to celebrate their loved ones rather than focusing on the negatives of their loss.

4. Stay in the Person’s Life

Some friends can be easy to deal with while other ones may try to push you away in times of crisis. No matter how hard they try to keep you from being there for them, stay. People tend to withdraw their support after the initial event has passed but it is important that you continually provide support for them so they will be better able to cope with their grief.

5. Offer Your Assistance When Needed

It can be difficult for grieving individuals to do simple tasks while they are coping with their loss. If this is your friend, or even if it isn’t, offer your help with anything they may need. It can be as simple as sweeping their front porch or going to the store to get them some groceries. The simplest things can mean the world to your friend.

Watching a friend go through the loss of a loved one can be hard but it would be even worse to watch them go through it without support. If your friend is grieving, use the ideas above to assist them through the grieving process.

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    Having a real good friend close to us when we have lost somebody is very important. We want to confess our emotions, and we can not control them so we need someone who will not judge us.
    It is a shoulder on which we can rest a bit.

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