Inspirational Lessons from Tragedy

If you tuned into the news recently, you heard a lot about the shooting in Las Vegas. Both those who knew someone who was there and those who heard the tragic news were affected. When reflecting on the tragedy, there are inspirational lessons people can receive to help them live differently.

Inspirational lesson from the lives of others

Many times what people think about regarding tragedies is the last few moments of lost their lives. Rather than focus on their last moments, try to think about their lives as a whole. Particularly, try to think about the possible positive moments of joy and success they experienced.

One way to focus on the positive aspects of their lives is to listen to their family or friends. Although it may be difficult to listen, loved ones will often talk about how victims were great individuals. This can lead to thoughts about the legacy you want to leave on earth.

Inspirational lessons from the loss of time

There are many things in life that we may tend to take for granted. For example, we may forget another day is not promised to us.

Take time to think about changing your approach to life. In other words, the event can be a lesson to make the most out of one’s life. For example, use those who lost their lives as an inspiration to not take simple things for granted.  Challenge yourself to take a deep breath and not get too stressed about things in life.

Those who lost their loved ones often wish they could talk to them one last time. Therefore, this is also a time to think about how much time is spent with loved ones. Do personal priorities need to be rearranged?

Inspirational lesson from the kindness of strangers

Tragic events can cause people to have a negative outlook about other people in general. However, as more stories from survivors are shared, there is another lesson about humans that can be learned.

In such a time of panic, those at the concert didn’t only focus on personal safety. They helped in different ways such as putting themselves at risk by blocking shots from hitting strangers. Also, those who attended the concert talked about how they used their cars to drive victims to the hospital. However, strangers helping each other did not stop there. Hours after the tragic event, people were lining up to donate blood. In perspective, these acts show people will put the needs of others as most important.

While it may be painful, it is often important to think about tragic events. While it may cause pain, reflection can help us get the most out of life over the long term.