Life Lessons

By just a simple Google search, you can find many inspirational quotes regarding how to live your life. These quotes range from suggestions to let go of the past or to enjoy the simple things. Although we  acknowledge that these are great ideas, they do not stick with us to the point of implementation. Life can be extremely busy, which can prevent us from taking the time to focus on remember these positive practices. Losing a loved one can lead to thoughts about our own mortality and personal lives such as the ones below.

Not Everything is Under Your Control

Losing a loved one may leave many with feelings of distress, feeling like their lives have spiraled out of control.  The important thing is to focus on the things you do have control of in your life. For example, you have control over what you decide to do after a negative situation occurs. Rather than focusing on the negative, focus on the times you did share. The reminder to “do your best” holds significance here. Do what you can and  take solace in that you did what you could with what you could control.  A practical life application could be to slowly give more responsibility to others. This can help you learn you can’t always be in control of what happens in your life.

Time is Precious

There are many potential problems in the world and in our personal lives that can leave us with negative mindsets. Although it is great to be informed, life is a gift; it is important to spend time doing things that make us feel positive. Life is about growth, so focus on what helps you grow to be a better version of yourself.  If you find an issue that you feel strongly about, such as animal rights, look to get involved. You can  boost self-confidence and make a positive impact by putting your strong feelings about the issue into practice.

Do what makes you happy

Though not everything is under your control, what you can control is what you do with your time on earth. Many want to change things about their lives but find it is easier to just stick with their usual routine. Are you looking to implement a workout/diet plan? Spend more time with family? Get a better job? Visit the world? Start off with something small if change scares you – perhaps start by making your own “bucket list”.

Often, topics such as these can lead to deep, emotional discussion that many may be apprehensive to address. Although the conversation surrounding these topics may begin negatively, it can be worthwhile. By addressing these topics openly, you can find ways to live a more positive, full life.