Managing Anger

One of the feelings people experience when grieving is anger. Strong feelings such as this may seem impossible to resolve without dramatic action. However, before taking such action, there are many things to consider.

Will the ANGER cause more harm than good?

The first thing to consider is the possible  consequences of the action. Due to anger, one may say things they don’t mean or break objects. Although acting on impulses may offer immediate gratification, it is ultimately destructive. As a result, friendships may come to an end or items will need to be replaced. Furthermore,  it is common that impulsive actions lead to guilt. This guilt can disrupt the grieving process and potentially lead to negative coping methods.

One way to work on actions with positive results is to focus on self-control. Take time alone to reflect when negative emotions arise. For example, one can spend this time meditating or relax in other ways. By taking time alone, one may find a calm approach to deal with problems.

Is There a Better Way to Show Anger?

Peaceful communication should be the goal when talking with others. Consider words to discuss the causes of personal anger. Although this is an emotional time, in order to be clear, one must remain calm. Often when talking about problems, people are looking for help. It is vital that both sides feel they can express ideas.

Words can be used in many different ways to express thoughts. A common way to be able to express emotions freely is to write. This can help clear one’s mind or be improved to share with others. There are other ways for those who are creative to express emotions with words, such as through poetry or song.

What can ONE think about other than Anger?

As discussed above, one must resist strong negative impulses. Although this can be challenging, it is worthwhile. The most important thing to think about is how to control personal emotions. One way to do so is to focus on a positive future.

One can work toward a positive future by working on hobbies. Hobbies can be a distraction and way to reduce stress. They are also a way to improve skills and give one a sense of self-worth. For example, exercising is great as it aids both physical and mental health.

It is hard to stay angry when one is focused on making progress. Use the methods improve self-control for a positive future.