5 Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

Although your loved one is gone, it doesn’t mean that you have to remove their memory from your life. Memorializing your loved one will help you better deal with your grief and will remind you of all the wonderful times that you’ve shared together. Here are 5 ways that you can memorialize your loved one.

1. Dedicate a Sacred Space to Them

For those of you who may practice morning rituals or any other type of routine, a sacred space may be a great option for you. A sacred space will be a safe place where you can store your loved one’s belongings, keep pictures of them, and honor them every day.

While a grave marker essentially serves the same purpose, a sacred space will give you the privacy you need to fully mourn your loss without fear of judgment.

2. Plant a Tree in Their Honor

Planting a tree or another type of plant is one way that many people memorialize their loved ones. If you have space and you aren’t much of a gardener, you should choose to plant a tree. They tend to live for a long time and are much sturdier than a flower.

If you know what you’re doing in the garden and you have less space, a small plant will suffice. You can even use different colors and varieties to make a connection between the plant and your loved one.

3. Purchase a Piece of Jewelry That Is Representative of Them

If you want something that you can carry around with you always, you should consider purchasing a piece of jewelry that reminds you of your loved one. This can come in many forms such as a bracelet with special charms or a pair of earrings that has birth stones. Personally, I have a tree of life necklace that I carry around to represent my aborted sibling.

If you want something more personal, you could also get a piece of jewelry that is capable of holding a small amount of their ashes. No matter what you choose to buy, jewelry is a great way to memorialize your loved one.

4. Recycle Their Belongings to Create Something New

There is no end to the amount of things that you can create with a loved one’s old things. For example, you could take some of their old blankets and clothes to create a quilt or another type of fabric product. If you have old birthday cards or handwritten notes lying around, you could scan these documents onto a computer and get them printed onto a custom t-shirt.

The only limit to what you can create to memorialize them is your imagination.

5. Get Something Named After Them

If you’re not one for belongings but you still want them to be remembered, you can choose to purchase something that will be named after them. One popular option is to purchase a star for a low price and to name it after your loved one. If you don’t like that idea, you can get a plaque installed on a park bench or purchase a highway in their honor.

These are only a few ideas and you should always do extensive research before purchasing anything to name after them.

Know that it is okay to keep reminders of them with you. You don’t have to remove them from your life in order to grieve. In fact, this can have negative effects on the grief process rather than positive ones. Instead, embrace the memory of your loved one and honor and remember them the best that you can.