Reflection & Moving Forward

There are many different questions people have when experiencing loss throughout both childhood and adulthood.  One of the most common questions people struggle with relates to the concept of “moving forward” or “regaining happiness”. In life, it is easy to acknowledge that our loved ones want us to live happy and successful lives. However, many may wonder, how can I try to live a happy life again without feeling guilty?

It is common to spend a lot of time reflecting on the relationship you shared with the loved one. Often, in the stages of first losing a loved one, this can lead to depressing thoughts. People may think of negative experiences they shared or how they should’ve spent more time together.

Try This! : A Positive Reflection Practice

Reflecting on the relationship you shared and thinking about the loved one can be beneficial if you keep it relevant. The most important thing to do when reflecting on the past is to learn from it.  Rather, think about how you can show the impact they had on you was positive. The key to this idea is to keep your loss from being all-consuming in a negative way.

It can be challenging to be disciplined and  choose a day to implement a new practice. However, Father’s Day may serve as the perfect opportunity to try to focus on implementing this reflection practice.  For example, if you are grieving the loss of your father, use this to think about your parenting approach. What important lessons did your father teach you? How did your father implement discipline but show he loved you?  There are many questions to use to reflect on how to carry on the memory of a loved one. You can also reflect on what qualities you admired and focus on making them a part of your character.

Initially, moving on may seem to imply that you don’t care or  don’t think about the loved one.  However,  moving on can be viewed as seeing or dealing with the loss in a different, positive yet memorializing way.