Sharing The Good Times

The memories we collect from experiences in life become a big part of who we are as people. Especially when first losing a loved one, we may worry that as time goes on our memory will fade. We may focus on committing to memory the sound of their voice or laughter and the memories that were shared.

It can be challenging when grieving to think of effective ways that will help preserve our loved one’s memory. The ideas below can be useful for personal reflection as well as sharing memories with others.

Recording Personal Memories

You can gather pictures or small memories (ticket stubs from a show) of times that you spent together.  Also, you can write in descriptions of other times you shared that you may not have captured with pictures.  Some may like the idea of a memory box which they can decorate and look at when they feel sad. However, scrapbooking is not the only option that you have for a creative project. For example, you can put a picture of a time you shared on display and decorate the frame.  By gathering physical memories and  being creative, you may be able to focus more on positive times.

Sharing Memories with Others

Although it is common to share pictures and write speeches for wakes, some may not feel comfortable sharing aloud. In some cases, especially in such a digital age, the loved one may have had a Facebook profile. Some rather than requesting from Facebook to close the profile, choose to keep the profile live. In this way, it serves as a way for people to post old pictures or memories about the individual.  What’s great about this is you can read about the memories that people may share. This serves as a great memorial where others can write messages to reflect. Also, this can give a deeper look into the person’s life and impact on others.

Sharing Their Memory with the World

If your loved one was passionate about a cause or organization, donating money may be an appealing idea. By donating money in their name, you can show their dedication to a cause. This act can make you feel closer to your loved one by helping the cause/organization. Similarly, if you do not have money to donate, you may want to consider donating some of your time. This can also make you feel as though you are carrying your family’s name or your loved one’s memory forward.

As discussed above, there are several options which can help those either looking for something simple or time-consuming. By sharing memories with others, you may find it easier to heal and celebrate your loved one’s life.