Sources of Support

Loneliness is just one of the feelings those who have dealt with divorce or loss of a loved one experience. In a short amount of time, loneliness may lead to depression and a lack of motivation. Luckily, for those struggling, there are many sources out there to help conquer these negative emotions.

Reconnect with sources of support

It is important in a time like this to think about what sources have been there before to help us. For example, focus on being with those who you maybe haven’t had time for recently.

At first, the time gap can make reconnecting awkward. However, real friends will understand that stuff happens and life gets busy. Luckily, there are many friendships where time apart doesn’t make a difference in how a conversation flows.

Friends are great sources of support as they want to see us happy and do what they can to help. Friends may share stories of similar experiences so you feel understood or offer to spend more time together.

Find a source of support within yourself

As mentioned before, it is necessary to go easy on yourself in a time of loss. You must understand that there is a grieving process and it takes time. You would not rush a friend to get past their loss and you need to treat yourself the same way. Therefore, you must also make sure to surround yourself with positive people when you do spend time with others.

Although you should give yourself time, this does not mean to give up on improving yourself. Set small goals to stay motivated and when you accomplish them, praise yourself. You know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get up and out of bed sometimes. When you succeed, congratulate yourself and keep slowly motivating yourself to make further progress. You need to be your biggest advocate because only you know all of the feelings you are experiencing.

Other Free sources of support

Consider surrounding yourself with positive affirmations such as by putting one as your lock screen. There are also free apps that you can download on your phone that offer a daily positive affirmation. More free motivation can be found by a search on YouTube of inspirational movie speeches. Although your need for motivation isn’t from the same setback as movie characters, you can still find the message inspiring.

In the beginning, it may seem your loneliness and lack of motivation are permanent. However, if you look for help you will see that sources are not hard to find.