Surviving Struggles

When dealing with struggles, we don’t really think about how well we are coping. We often focus on what other issues might lie ahead and how much our loss hurts. However, take a few minutes and think about what you’ve survived and what this means for the future.

Surviving Past Struggles

As humans, we all have moments where we doubt things will get better. However, reading this means you made it past those times. When experiencing loss, it is common to wonder if you’ll be able to pick up the pieces. Similarly, if you experienced divorce, you probably questioned how you would  make it as a single parent. However, you didn’t give up even in times of self-doubt. What this means is you can keep going even when you think you can’t make it.

Surviving past your struggles is a slow process in the beginning. It can be hard to stay motivated when results do not come quickly. In times like this, what is most important to remember is you have made progress.

Surviving Future Struggles

It has been some time since the loss and maybe you’re still grieving. It is okay to be frustrated and struggle with picking up the pieces. There’s no timeline of when one is supposed to be done grieving. No one is expected to have every part of their life figured out.

Honestly, feelings from losing a loved one can come unexpectedly. They may appear randomly after months of no signs or on certain anniversaries or holidays. Although you may deal with feelings of pain again, remind yourself that you have dealt with the feelings before. In fact, not only have you experienced these feelings before, but you have gotten past them.

The Strength from Surviving Struggles

It can be scary to think about difficult times that might lie ahead. It may not be clear right now, but good things can come from negative experiences. Through struggle, people learn how persistent they are when odds are against them. Also, people learn how to push themselves further than they thought possible. Being aware of weaknesses and knowing how to motivate yourself when problems arise is very helpful. There are many instances in life where it may seem that the cards are not in our favor. It is important to remember things can turn around in our favor if we keep working hard.

By taking time to celebrate your past success in times of struggle, you build your ability to take on more struggle.